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Periodic Table of Office 365

The best way to understand the Office 365 ecosystem keeps getting better! Click through apps to find out what they're for, log in with your account to highlight your apps, and even embed into your training site. Available in over a dozen languages.

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Which Tool When: Tasks in M365

Customize your own Tables

Are there apps on our tables that your organization doesn't use? Maybe you want to add other cloud apps, your intranet, or on-prem tools? We've got you covered with jumpto365 Pro.
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It's more than just Office 365

Table of Azure Cognitive Services

The Artificial Intelligence era is upon us. And it turns out it's not that difficult to get started in the Azure AI stack, from natural language understanding to image analysis. Check out the Table to find out the tools of this new trade. Special thanks to Stephan Bisser for his expertise.

Table of Microsoft Security & Compliance

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 provide a vast ecosystem to ensure information protection, retention, disaster recovery, governance, and a lot more. Check out the Table to learn what it has to offer. Special thanks to Antonio Maio for his expertise.

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