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Power Apps is a leading app in the citizen developer revolution. The Power Apps platform allows you to build business applications to collect, display, and interact with data; and it’s easy to use for non-technical people.

Thanks to pre-built templates that let you connect to services you’re already using like Excel, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365, Power Apps makes it reasonably easy to replace manual and repetitive form processes with mobile applications without the buildout becoming major projects.

These new solutions provide a major improvement to people who often work outside the wall of an office. No transcribing data, no logging in from a new location, no more paper. Typical starting use cases for Power Apps include automating inspection forms, time cards, purchase orders, and expense reports.

Power Apps also lets you replace off-the-shelf and legacy applications with modern solutions that don’t necessarily need to be created and maintained by an IT department. It is intended to be the successor—though not a replacement—to Microsoft InfoPath.

Power Apps provides three key benefits: native mobile app solutions, multiple data sources, and integrability with the Office 365 (and even third-party) app ecosystem. Combined with its sister app Power Automate, Power Apps can automate many of these processes without any coding required.


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