Yammer Communities

Yammer Communities

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A Yammer Community (formerly known as "Feed") is a Microsoft 365 Group that comes with a central newsfeed and social networking experience. An Outlook Group also includes a shared workspaces connected to SharePoint and other Office 365 apps. For more information on Yammer itself, see our Yammer article.

When you create a Yammer Community, you get:

  1. A Yammer feed for communicating;
  2. A SharePoint team site collection (which you access through the “SharePoint Document Library” or “SharePoint Site” link to the right of the feed);
  3. A OneNote notebook (which actually lives in your SharePoint site collection);
  4. A Plan in Planner;
  5. A Stream video portal;
  6. A Forms workspace; and
  7. A Power BI workspace* (if you have premium Power BI licenses for all members).

Yammer is especially good for breaking down silos. Communities of practice—groups of people who have similar skill sets, but don’t necessarily report through the same management chain—find Yammer good for asking open-ended questions and getting responses from like-skilled people in the organization. And with SharePoint underneath, they can track best practices, standard operative procedures, and more, in a centralized place.

Graphical overview

For more information on Office 365 Groups, see our complete Microsoft 365 Groups infographic.

*Note: A last-generation Power BI Workspace is created if you have the license for Power BI. The newer generation of Power BI workspaces has been disconnected from Office 365 Groups so you will not receive a new-gen BI workspace with an Outlook Group nor will an Outlook Group be created when you create a new-gen BI Workspace.

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