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Skype for Business

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Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B) is a chat and audio/video-conferencing app for work. S4B provides you the ability to perform:

  • Person-to-person communication via instant message, desktop sharing, voice and video calling, and availability status;
  • Person-to-audience conferencing using the formerly mentioned features, plus dial-in telephone conferencing ability; and
  • Telephone support, allowing S4B users to make voice calls to a standard telephone line.

S4B is generally used via a downloaded app for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Full-fledged calls can take place on mobile, including screen sharing and video, presuming the wireless or mobile network is strong enough.

The design of the app is very straight forward and adoption is relatively quick since most users are accustomed to utilizing Skype Consumer. The app is available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

S4B is the successor to Microsoft Lync and Office Communications Server. Notably, Teams is the successor to Skype for Business Online (in Office 365). The Skype-to-Teams replacement ensures that organizations can integrate physical meeting room equipment such as conference phones, video devices, presentation screens, as well as desktop-based conference equipment (e.g., webcams and headsets), allowing you to have meetings in a style that works for you. An on-premises version of S4B is still available (2019) and is not being replaced by Teams.


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