Kit for the not so often Microsoft 365 administrator. Comes with complete set of guides, lists templates and a ready to use PowerApps. Everything using Microsoft standard connectors only and for a flat one time fee.

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Tiered on shifting between multi admin portals. Need to use PowerShell to get things done? Like to delegate your work load? 365admin tools is to your rescue!

Microsoft 365 Rooms Self Service portal

Room Provisioning and control of who can book what - Integrates directly into Microsoft Teams and make Room Provisioning and creation of access rules a breeze.



The objects maintained is

  • Resource Mailboxes
  • Distribution Groups (Why not Office365 Group – (naming policy., expiration policy)
  • Distribution Group Memberships


  • Room booking policies
  • Room capacity, capabilities and place

Besides that, Room Manager has a mechanism for maintaining objects and metadata based. You decided direction if Exchange or the Microsoft Teams is master.

Room Manager ensures that

  • naming and booking policies are consistent
  • it is easy to maintain rooms and put restriction on special rooms

“Open” Source
All components of Room Manager are server-less and provided for hosting in your own environment with no constraints to 3rd party. The technology stack being using is

  • PowerShell (host on prem or serverless in cloud)
  • Microsoft Teams / SharePoint template
  • PowerApps with standard connectors usage only


Community of Practice
Beside getting all the artifacts, you also get a complete Implementation Guide + Operation guide in PDF and a User Guides in Word format. Everything is delivered through a Microsoft Teams site, where you will be able to meet peers within the domain.



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