Kit for the not so often Microsoft 365 administrator. Comes with complete set of guides, lists templates and a ready to use PowerApps. Everything using Microsoft standard connectors only and for a flat one time fee.

$499 USD
One-time fee
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Get the most of out of your Teams & Outlook data

Automatic preregistration of visitors

Your visitors is automatically pulled out of Microsoft 365 into your visitor system



Solution for extracting attendee data from your meeting rooms and convert them to visitor objects in the visitor registration system of your choice.

You get a receipt including documents and code.  Just add your own Azure subscription. One-time fee, life-time licensed.

  • You follow our guide and install a few Logic Apps in your Azure environment
  • Then each day, the calendar of all meeting rooms in your tenant is processed
  • Each attendee which does not match your own domains will be treated as a visitor
  • Each visitor is then reported to a visitor management system of your choice

Contact us for a list of supported visitor systems, or to get your own added.

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