We are developing a new concept for delivering solutions to the Microsoft 365 Eco-system and are looking for talent and solutions that fits into that

Make MONEY on the side

You have a problem and an idea for a solution?

Let us help you solve it and share the solution globally.


We teach you what you need to learn using Lists, Power Apps and Power Automate to build your solution


We help you setup a company with Winglio so that you can get paid out legally


We construction a recipe from the solution, marked and sell it and share the revenue with you

You get free training in PowerApps and Power Automate from jumpto365's co-founder Niels, member of Microsoft Power Champions Board since 2017.

Prepare a little resume of your idea and setup a meeting. During the meeting you get an idea of how we act together, I learn a bit more about your idea, you get insights into the process and we decide on the next steps.

Niels Gregers Johansen, Co-Founder, jumpto365, Inc.