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Teams Member Bulk Importer App

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30 minutes

Import dozens or hundreds of users and groups into your Teams

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This Teams Member Bulk Importer App Recipe uses a Power App as its user interface, offering Microsoft Teams users an easy way to add dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of users, security groups, and Microsoft 365 Groups to a Team’s membership. The Power App was provided with this implementation guide and is installed as is for publishing to your organization. You can configure and change the app to meet your needs. The published app can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

This Recipe uses no premium or custom PowerPlatform connectors, nor does it use any premium databases or tools that come at an added cost. As provided, this app requires no additional cost to publish or maintain other than the time to set up and, if you choose, customize.

Recipe statistics

Who can publish this app?
Time to implement
30 minutes
Power Apps canvas app
Workflows used?
Data storage
Not applicable
PowerShell required?
Premium licenses required?
Dataverse required?
Time if built from scratch
Licensing required for end users
Microsoft 365 Business Power Apps must be enabled for all end users who need to use the app