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{ "slug": "setting-up-the-editor", "technology":"Webflow", "image":"", "name":"Setting up the editor", "description":"", "level":"200" }
{ "slug": "meetings-in-microsoft-teams", "technology":"Teams", "image":"", "name":"Meetings in Microsoft Teams", "description":"", "level":"200" }
{ "slug": "sharepoint-tools", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"SharePoint Tools", "description":"", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "yammer-quick-start", "technology":"Yammer", "image":"", "name":"Yammer Quick Start", "description":"Collaborate and converse with Yammer", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "write-and-edit-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Write and edit with Word", "description":"Add, replace, and format text in Word. Insert and remove hyperlinks, and show word count", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "work-with-posts-and-messages", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Work with posts and messages", "description":"Create and format a post to start a conversation in a channel", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "word-2016-quick-start", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Word 2016 Quick Start", "description":"Create, design, edit, and save a document with Word", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "whats-new-whats-changed", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"What's New, What's Changed", "description":"Discover what's new/what's changed for the latest update of Microsoft 365 learning pathways", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "what-is-office-365", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"What is Office 365?", "description":"An Office 365 subscription can get you latest Office app, installation on various devices, storage, and upgrades not available anywhere else", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "welcome-to-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Welcome to Word", "description":"Create and format a document, track changes, and collaborate with others", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "welcome-to-powerpoint", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Welcome to PowerPoint", "description":"Create a presentation from scratch, or from a theme with built-in graphics, fonts, and placeholders for your text, images, and content", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "view-office-files", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"View Office files", "description":"Switch between online and desktop apps, zoom in or out, and view files in split and multiple windows.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-yammer-every-day", "technology":"Yammer", "image":"", "name":"Use Yammer every day", "description":"Use Yammer as a social networking tool. Learn how to like, reply, and share, post updates, and create groups", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-word-for-reports", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Use Word for reports", "description":"Write an equation or formula in Word, indent a paragraph, insert lines, create a bibliography, and insert footnotes and endnotes", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-relationships", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Use relationships", "description":"Once you have tables in your database, learn how to build relationships between them.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-planner", "technology":"Planner", "image":"", "name":"Use Planner", "description":"Manage tasks, create plans, and schedules", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-microsoft-365-across-your-work-and-devices", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Use Microsoft 365 across your work and devices", "description":"Microsoft 365 and the power of the cloud make it easy for you to work in new and more productive ways, from anywhere, on any device.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-microsoft-365-across-your-team", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Use Microsoft 365 across your team", "description":"How teams connect and exchange information is evolving. People expect to collaborate with teammates, wherever they are located.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "use-microsoft-365-across-your-organization", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Use Microsoft 365 across your organization", "description":"Use Microsoft 365 across your organization", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "upload-and-find-files", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Upload and find files", "description":"Upload and find files in Teams", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "text-tables-with-powerpoint", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Text & tables with PowerPoint", "description":"Use text tables in your presentations. Learn how to check spelling, create and format tables, add slide numbers and pages, and set text direction", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "teams-quick-start", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Teams Quick Start", "description":"Learn how to create a Team, Use chat, Edit files at the same time, See likes, and Customize", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "teams-on-the-go", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Teams on the go", "description":"Get caught up with everything fast with your activity feed", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "take-notes-with-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Take notes with OneNote", "description":"Take notes the way you want, insert pictures and files, and create more room in your notebook.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "tables", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Tables", "description":"Learn how to create and format tables, sort data, and filter data in a table. Discover how to total data in a table or use slicers to filter data.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "sway-quick-start", "technology":"Sway", "image":"", "name":"Sway Quick start", "description":"Create in Sway, Add Content, Design and Share, and Learn More", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "store-online-and-collaborate", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Store online and collaborate", "description":"Store files online and Co-author files", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "stay-organized-with-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Stay organized with OneNote", "description":"Stay organized and learn how to find notes no matter where they are", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "start-chats-calls-and-meetings", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Start chats, calls, and meetings", "description":"Learn how to make calls in Teams, turn calls into meetings, and present your screen during a meeting", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "slides-and-layouts", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Slides and layouts", "description":"Learn how to design, edit, and organize your slides with SlideMaster", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "six-simple-steps-welcome-to-office-365", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Six Simple Steps - Welcome to Office 365", "description":"Learn how to get started quickly with Office 365 with six simple steps", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "sharepoint-online-quick-start", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"SharePoint Online Quick Start", "description":"Build and customize intranet sites, collaborate with others, manage your daily routine with workflows, and store your information", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-sites-and-content-with-sharepoint", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"Share sites and content with SharePoint", "description":"SharePoint powers sharing and collaboration on the intranet. Learn how to manage and share files or folders—within team sites or intranet sites, and inside or outside your organization.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-sync-with-sharepoint", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"Share and sync with SharePoint", "description":"Create, share, and SharePoint files", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-sync-with-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Share and sync with OneNote", "description":"Share your notes with others, and password protect private notes", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-sync-with-onedrive", "technology":"OneDrive for Business", "image":"", "name":"Share and Sync with OneDrive", "description":"Use OneDrive to share files, control viewing and editing, and work together at the same time", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-collaborate", "technology":"Forms", "image":"", "name":"Share and Collaborate", "description":"Learn how to collaborate with colleagues on your quizzes and forms and share your quiz or form as a template for others to use independently.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-co-author-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Share and co-author with Word", "description":"Collaborate in Word by incerting comments and tracking changes. Use Word on a mobile device.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-co-author-with-powerpoint", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Share and co-author with PowerPoint", "description":"Share and co-author a presentation, use comments, inspect a presentation, and save the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-co-author", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Share and co-author", "description":"Learn how to share a workbook with others, right within Excel. You can let them edit the workbook or just view it. Also learn how to lock or unlock specific areas, protect an Excel file, or save to PDF.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "share-and-access-sway", "technology":"Sway", "image":"", "name":"Share and access Sway", "description":"Share your Sway, add a password, review privacy settings and accessibility features, and review keyboard shortcuts", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "set-up-and-customize-your-team", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Set up and customize your team", "description":"Get up and running with Teams by learning how to create and manage public and private teams", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "set-up-and-customize-outlook", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Set up and customize Outlook", "description":"Get an overview of Outlook. Learn how to add an, Office 365, or Gmail account.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "set-up-and-attend-live-events", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Set up and attend live events", "description":"Teams live events enables you to produce events for large online audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "save-and-share-files-with-onedrive", "technology":"OneDrive for Business", "image":"", "name":"Save and share files with OneDrive", "description":"Learn how to use OneDrive to share Microsoft Office documents, other files, and entire folders with people. The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them and you can stop sharing at any time.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "save-and-print-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Save and print with Word", "description":"Save, print, or convert a document to PDF. Print envelopes and labels.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "rows-columns", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Rows & columns", "description":"Add columns, rows, or cells to an Excel worksheet or delete them. Freeze panes, hide or show rows and columns or filter for unique values.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "roll-out-a-successful-yammer-network", "technology":"Yammer", "image":"", "name":"Roll out a successful Yammer network", "description":"Start a personalized Yammer network, drive engagement, and measure success", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "protect-databases", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Protect databases", "description":"Learn to creating backup copies of your desktop database to recover your vital data when the Undo command isn’t enough to fix a mistake, restore a missing object, or untangle corrupted data.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "present-slideshows", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Present slideshows", "description":"Learn how to present slideshows, add speaker notes, record and print a slideshow, and create a self-running presentation", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "powerpoint-quick-start", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"PowerPoint Quick Start", "description":"Create presentations with PowerPoint", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "planner-quick-start", "technology":"Planner", "image":"", "name":"Planner Quick Start", "description":"Discover Planner - manage tasks and get updates", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "plan-your-learning-content", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Plan your learning content", "description":"Review Learning Pathways content and content types. Decide what works for your organization.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "pivottables", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"PivotTables", "description":"A PivotTable is a powerful tool to calculate, summarize, and analyze data that lets you see comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data. Learn how to create a PivotTable, filter data in a PivotTable, or create a PivotChart.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "pictures-and-graphics-with-powerpoint", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Pictures and graphics with PowerPoint", "description":"With PowerPoint, you can insert pictures, photos, clip art, or other images to your slide show from your computer or from the Internet", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-mobile-search-and-share", "technology":"Outlook for iOS and Android", "image":"", "name":"Outlook mobile: Search and share", "description":"Microsoft Search in Outlook mobile finds what you need fast. Effortlessly get to your top contacts, calendar events and files with improved email search.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-mobile-people-and-connections", "technology":"Outlook for iOS and Android", "image":"", "name":"Outlook mobile: People and connections", "description":"Outlook Mobile makes it easy to find contacts and learn more about them.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-mobile-manage-your-time", "technology":"Outlook for iOS and Android", "image":"", "name":"Outlook mobile: Manage your time", "description":"Outlook mobile helps you find a time when everyone is available for a meeting.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-mobile-manage-your-inbox", "technology":"Outlook for iOS and Android", "image":"", "name":"Outlook mobile: Manage your inbox", "description":"Manage your inbox and learn how to RSVP to invites instantly, swipe right to manage your inbox, create focused inbox, and use Android widgets.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-calendar", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Outlook Calendar", "description":"Create appointments and meetings, share your calendar or search for calendar items.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "outlook-2016-quick-start", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Outlook 2016 Quick Start", "description":"With Outlook, you can add an email account, create and send email, manage calander and contacts, and collaborate", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "organize-your-inbox", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Organize your inbox", "description":"Set categories, flags, or reminders. Organize email with folders or set up Rules.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "onenote-quick-start", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"OneNote Quick Start", "description":"Learn how to create a Notebook in OneNote", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "onenote-on-mobile-devices", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"OneNote on mobile devices", "description":"Use OneNote on iOS, Android, and online so you can connect to and work with your notes no matter where you are", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "onedrive-quickstart", "technology":"OneDrive for Business", "image":"", "name":"OneDrive QuickStart", "description":"Collaborate and stay connected with OneDrive", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "office-365-quick-start", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Office 365 Quick Start", "description":"Learn the benefits of Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "microsoft-365-accessibility-overview-and-resources", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Microsoft 365 Accessibility Overview and Resources", "description":"Before sending your email message or sharing your document or spreadsheet, run the Accessibility Checker to make sure your Microsoft Office content is easy for people of all abilities to read and edit.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "measure-impact", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Measure impact", "description":"Administrators should leverage SharePoint’s built-in site usage reporting capabilities to measure organizational impact of the Microsoft 365 learning pathways.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "manage-your-files-with-onedrive", "technology":"OneDrive for Business", "image":"", "name":"Manage your files with OneDrive", "description":"Access files and folders anywhere with OneDrive", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "manage-your-activity-feed", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Manage your activity feed", "description":"Manage your activity feed and know everything that's happening in the team channels you follow", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "manage-email", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Manage email", "description":"Set up automatic replies for when you are out-of-office", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "manage-data-with-queries", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Manage data with queries", "description":"Use queries to answer business or other questions based on data and to quickly and easily make bulk updates or to delete information from the database.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "lay-out-pages-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Lay out pages with Word", "description":"Create a newsletter column, change page orientation, add a border, header, or footer, insert a page break or number, and create a table of contents", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-sharepoint-online", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"Intro to SharePoint Online", "description":"Learn and follow sites, and stay connected on mobile", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Intro to OneNote", "description":"Learn how OneNote is the perfect app for capturing pretty much anything", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-onedrive-work-or-school", "technology":"OneDrive for Business", "image":"", "name":"Intro to OneDrive (work or school)", "description":"Learn about OneDrive, OneDrive basics, and set up OneDrive", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-office", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Intro to Office", "description":"Understand Office 365 basics. Sign in, get help and support, use SmartArt and Charts, and Collaborate in shared documents", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-microsoft-teams", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Intro to Microsoft Teams", "description":"Learn about Teams, Setting up a channel, Meetings, Calls, and other Activities", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-excel", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Intro to Excel", "description":"Create a new workbook or insert a worksheet. Learn how to use Excel as your calculator or autofill data in cells.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "intro-to-access", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Intro to Access", "description":"With Access, you can build a database without writing code or being a database expert.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "insert-tables-pictures-and-watermarks", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Insert tables, pictures, and watermarks", "description":"Insert tables, pictures, icons, WordArt and watermarks. Learn how to rotate a picture and wrap text around a picture.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "improve-accessibility-and-ease-of-use-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Improve accessibility and ease of use with Word", "description":"Learn to make Word accessible: Use a screen reader, shortcuts, and do things with Tell Me", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "ideas-for-your-board", "technology":"Planner", "image":"", "name":"Ideas for your board", "description":"Use Planner to plan an event, publish content, and track a process", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "formulas-functions", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Formulas & functions", "description":"Learn how to create formulas and use built-in functions to perform calculations and solve problems. Learn to use VLOOKUP, SUM, COUNTIF, IF and more.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "forms-quick-start", "technology":"Forms", "image":"", "name":"Forms Quick Start", "description":"Build a form in minutes. Learn how to add questions to your form, define settings, share your form, and check results in just a few easy steps!", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "formatting", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Formatting", "description":"Format numbers in cells for things like currency, percentages, decimals, dates, phone numbers, or social security numbers. Set up conditional formatting, align or rotate text, or add a watermark.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "format-text", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Format text", "description":"Change the look of texts, paragraphs, and lists", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "format-notes-with-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Format notes with OneNote", "description":"Format notes, pages, and tables to make them look the way you want", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "explore-apps-and-tools", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Explore apps and tools", "description":"Explore apps and tools in Teams and learn how to add tools, turn a file into a tab, and use the command box", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "excel-quick-start", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Excel Quick Start", "description":"Get up and running quickly with our Excel Quick Start. Learn how to create a workbook, save to OneDrive, analyze and format data, and share workbooks.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "entitlement-management", "technology":"Identity Governance", "image":"", "name":"Entitlement Management", "description":"There are several ways that you can configure entitlement management for your organization. However, if you're just getting started, it's helpful to understand the common scenarios for administrators, catalog owners, access package managers, approvers, and requestors.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "drive-adoption", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Drive adoption", "description":"Discover resources and best practices for driving adoption of Learning Pathways", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "draw-and-sketch-with-onenote", "technology":"OneNote", "image":"", "name":"Draw and sketch with OneNote", "description":"Draw or sketch in OneNote to bring your notes to life", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "distribute-and-protect", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Distribute and protect", "description":"Distribute and protect files. Learn to inspect files for accessibility and compatibility.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "design-files", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Design files", "description":"Cdd, resize, and format text boxes, align objkects, stack pictures and shapes, and group and ungroup shapes", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "day-in-your-digital-life-with-office-365", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Day in your digital life with Office 365", "description":"Discover new ways to simplify your workday with Office365", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "customize-sway", "technology":"Sway", "image":"", "name":"Customize Sway", "description":"Add or remove content in Sway, review administrator settings, file size limits, and frequently asked questions", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "customize-learning-pathways", "technology":"Microsoft 365", "image":"", "name":"Customize learning pathways", "description":"Learn how to customize the Learning Pathways site, how to hide and show content, and how to build custom playlists.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "creating-a-champion-program", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Creating a Champion Program", "description":"Drive adoption of your Office 365 services with these best practices", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-wordart-and-smartart", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Create WordArt and SmartArt", "description":"Make your words stand out with the use WordArt and SmartArt to add outlines, shading, and other effects", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-sites-posts-and-lists", "technology":"SharePoint", "image":"", "name":"Create sites, posts, and lists", "description":"Create a team site to stay connected and communicate, update lists, add or remove a news post, and add web parts", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-reports", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Create reports", "description":"Before you share your database with others, put the information in a format that’s easy to understand. View, format, and summarize the information in your database with reports.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-office-files", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Create Office files", "description":"Create, open, save and rename files and templates. Change document properties and set document recovery options.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-more-accessible-word-documents", "technology":"Accessibility", "image":"", "name":"Create more accessible Word documents", "description":"Create more accessible Word documents", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-more-accessible-slides-in-powerpoint", "technology":"Accessibility", "image":"", "name":"Create more accessible slides in PowerPoint", "description":"Learn how to put content in your PowerPoint slides to make it accessible to all", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-more-accessible-excel-workbooks", "technology":"Accessibility", "image":"", "name":"Create more accessible Excel workbooks", "description":"Create more accessible Excel workbooks", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-more-accessible-email-messages-in-outlook", "technology":"Accessibility", "image":"", "name":"Create more accessible email messages in Outlook", "description":"Create more accessible email messages in Outlook", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-impactful-content-together", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Create impactful content together", "description":"Get things done from virtually anywhere, faster. Learn how to take advantage of the Office integration with OneDrive and SharePoint to access, share, and coauthor documents.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-forms", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Create forms", "description":"If you often use the same set of forms and reports, create a navigation form that groups them together.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-and-send-email", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Create and send email", "description":"Discover your Microsoft Outlook inbox", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-an-access-database", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Create an Access database", "description":"To create a desktop database quickly, use one of the many templates provided with Access. Or, if you don’t find a template that meets your needs, create a database from scratch.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-a-form", "technology":"Forms", "image":"", "name":"Create a form", "description":"Learn how to use Forms to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "create-a-chat-based-workspace-with-teams", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Create a chat-based workspace with Teams", "description":"When you have a place to create and make decisions as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Learn how to use Teams to bring everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "contacts-and-tasks-in-outlook", "technology":"Outlook", "image":"", "name":"Contacts and tasks in Outlook", "description":"Add a contact, create a contact group, import and export contacts, or create tasks or a to-do list.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "connect-your-organization-with-yammer", "technology":"Yammer", "image":"", "name":"Connect your organization with Yammer", "description":"Yammer enables connections to people and information from across your organization that you never knew existed. Learn how to use Yammer to discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers from anywhere.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "collaborate-in-teams-and-channels", "technology":"Microsoft Teams", "image":"", "name":"Collaborate in teams and channels", "description":"Collaborate in Teams by working in channels and using Planner", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "charts", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Charts", "description":"Charts help you visualize your data in a way that creates maximum impact on your audience. Learn to create a chart, add a trendline, analyze data instantly or update an existing chart.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "cells", "technology":"Excel", "image":"", "name":"Cells", "description":"Cut, Copy, and Paste to move or copy cell contents. Resize a table, column, or row, Learn how to merge cells, validate data or import/export text.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "animation-video-audio", "technology":"PowerPoint", "image":"", "name":"Animation, video & audio", "description":"Learn how to add, change, or remove transitions between slides, Animate texts or objects, insert or link to a video and add or delete audio", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-tables", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Add tables", "description":"Learn how to build tables and set data types", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-content-to-sway", "technology":"Sway", "image":"", "name":"Add content to Sway", "description":"Share your Sway, add a password, review privacy settings and accessibility features, and review keyboard shortcuts", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-format-text-with-word", "technology":"Word", "image":"", "name":"Add and format text with Word", "description":"Learn to format text, create a bulleted or numbered list, change the line spacing in Word, apply styles and apply themes", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-format-tables-and-charts", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Add and format tables and charts", "description":"Add tables and charts, merge and split table cells, and sort and split tables", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-format-shapes", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Add and format shapes", "description":"Use Office 365 to draw and format shapes", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-format-pictures", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Add and format pictures", "description":"With Office 365, you can format pictures and texts, and add screenshots", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-edit-text", "technology":"Office 365", "image":"", "name":"Add and edit text", "description":"Add and edit text, links, and equations. Check spelling and grammar.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "add-and-edit-data", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Add and edit data", "description":"If your list is getting hard to manage in Excel, it’s a good idea to move it into Access so you can take advantage of its querying and reporting features.", "level":"" }
{ "slug": "access-quick-start", "technology":"Access", "image":"", "name":"Access Quick Start", "description":"With Access, you can build a database without writing code or being a database expert", "level":"" }