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  1. Copy the following command
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Like to elaborate on that, just haven't had the time for it yet.

But everything is found here Hexatown/cli (

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If you are using Power Apps and Power Automate to implement your Business Logic , you will have discovered that it can take a lot of steps to do simple actions. And be extremely hard to compare versions, if all possible.

It is costly depending on how you design your flow. For example, will polling routines consume actions every time they run.

To be able to work with data sets larger than 2,000 items, you will be forced to pay extra to enable the Microsoft Dataverse framework (previous Common Data Service) or Microsoft SQL.  

I know that you get a free environment if you use PowerApps in Teams. But I guess that this also will be a Premium feature in the feature when enough have started using it.

To support complex operations in e.g. Azure Function, you will have to pay for premium connectors.

The HEXATOWN framework has been designed to challenge that. By making process logic in PowerShell.  

PowerShell which can be hosted – unchanged – on your machine, on a local server or in the cloud as Azure Functions.  

  • Self-Contained
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to debug
  • Easy to monitor
  • Version able
  • And it is free & open source