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In jumpto365 we are doing our best to explain how you can use many of the tools in the Microsoft 365 stack (check the PERIODIC TABLE of Office 365), but this does not always do the job, and it can be hard to say which tool to use when.

Moderns workplaces have so many options, like having a bag of LEGO  bricks where you know that you can build anything. But you do not necessarily know how to, you might not have the time to learn it and in the end you might find that you miss the nice round brick making it perfect.

We have found, that if we can prove you with an affordable recipe on how to use your existing bricks, you can move from providing your organization a good "out-of-the-box" experiences to "great" by integrating the "bricks" using PowerApps. So we have not only developed a series of PowerApps for different purposes but also an Open Source framework for integration purpose. By that, you can avoid buying premium connectors from Microsoft or 3rd party tools for the most general stuff.

Every recipes has a one time free and unlimited usage right for internally.