the JUMPTO365 RECIPE for

Establishing a Community of Practices platform

Digital Workplace - Community of Practice

$ 19,999.00 USD

Starting from - Yearly / Subscription based

SharePoint site collection supporting specific Business Units / Customers with your take on Microsoft 365 and even publish entire sites to Customers for them to maintain and own.

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Other services

Tools used


  • SharePoint page for each product / service
  • SharePoint page for each group of products / services
  • SharePoint landing pages for Tools, Security & Compliance as well as licenses
  • All stored in a customizable SharePoint PNP Template
  • SharePoint Full width webpart
  • Power App for maintaining instances
  • Power Brick for provisioning new CoP instances


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The Community of Practice recipe contains a number of tables completely integrated into a SharePoint Online site. All tools and services referenced in the tables are configured to point SharePoint pages which has been setup with webparts crosslinking each to relevant other tools and or services, and with description of the services pulled in from Microsoft Depending on your needs, you will be able to customize all aspects, clone and individualize for specific Business Units / Customers and even publish entire sites to Customers for them to maintain and own.

This is a Premium offering from jumpto365 and contains all you need to run the service.

  • Training
  • Support
  • Quarterly status meeting
  • All included

A note on security

This recipe is using functionality made available by the framework for server side data processing based on PowerShell hosted on your own servers.  No data processing will be done outside your tenancy.  No internet connectivity is required for implementing this. Only services specific access is required.