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Creating your own Periodic Tables

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Periodic Table Designer

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Self-service adoption & training

Explain your modern workplace simply and quickly to your colleagues. Makes answering the “which tool when” question simple and easy, lowering the number of support tickets and change management efforts.

Launchpad to your modern workplace

It’s easy to include links to your apps so your tables can be the starting point for your users when they need to access an app or learn which tool to use for their situation.

Create your own tables

Build your table to showcase all the tools your colleagues have at their fingertips. Organize them by groupings that make sense to you.

Beautiful IT service catalogs

A user-friendly way to organize and promote your entire line of technology services. Build a separate tables for each stage of your system rollouts for internal IT planning and presenting to your leadership.

Write your own articles

Your table layout is only the first step. Provide descriptive insights into what your apps do, training on how to get started, and use cases to explain best practices and how to make the most of everything users have at their disposal.

Covers all your apps

Whether it’s Office 365, G Suite, Slack, ADP, SAP, your intranet, or an on-prem system, it’s easy to represent your entire suite of apps in one or many tables to make it easy for everyone to find and utilize the tools they should be using.


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