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Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccine and booster status tracker

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With the release of various Covid-19 vaccines and boosters, organizations around the globe are making the inevitable move toward hybrid working conditions where employees, students, and visitors are returning to in-person experiences. But how do you keep track of who has been vaccinated? This Power App allows users to voluntarily yet privately submit their vaccine status so you can plan accordingly and strategically through the next steps of

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Businesses, government agencies, and schools everywhere are keen to plan smartly how they will start bringing people back on site, allow travel, and manage in-person interactions. Tracking vaccine and booster status of employees and students is a common goal.

This jumpto365 Power Play provides a modern, easy-to-use Power App form to submit name, vaccine and booster doses, dates of the doses, and even a photograph of a vaccine card to prove their status.  

End user experience

Enter your vaccination information and update your entry upon receiving additional doses of a vaccine. Use a desktop, laptop or install the Power Apps app on your tablet or mobile phone; a device with a camera will allow you to take a photo of your vaccine card for added convenience.  

Your information remains safe and secure in the Microsoft 365 cloud thanks to its HIPAA- and GDPR-approved data protection policies and a setup that allows only privileged employees to access the submissions (if published as designed).


This Power Play is quick and easy to install and requires about 30 minutes of work on IT’s part to roll it out. This package includes all necessary files to institute the app and step-by-step instructions from start to publishing.

The form, database, and workflows involved are completely configurable from the start. You can add fields, brand the design, and even add further workflows and automation if you have the use case. You can change the app after publishing to accommodate changes or needs that arise over time.

Once published, you can link to the form directly from within communications, your intranet, or other knowledge sources. You can also embed the app directly in a SharePoint page using a Power Apps web part.

By design, permissions to user responses are limited to the app publisher. You can share the responses however you choose, though submitted content is typically considered personally identifiable information; before sharing such information, you may want to inquire with your legal counsel.


Interface: Power Apps

Data storage: SharePoint list

Workflows used: No

PowerShell required: No

Premium Power Platform licenses required: No

Dataverse required: No

Licensing required for end users:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium, etc. (any licenses not covered?)
  • Power Apps must be enabled for all end users who need to supply information

A note on security

This recipe is using functionality made available by the framework for server side data processing based on PowerShell hosted on your own servers.  No data processing will be done outside your tenancy.  No internet connectivity is required for implementing this. Only services specific access is required.