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Bulk importing MS-Teams members

Bulk import Microsoft Teams Members

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If you miss the ability to import members in bulk into MS Teams based on addresses which you just copy from a mail, here is how to do it.

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Tools used


  • Supports copy pasting from Outlook. All you have to provide is a text containing email addresses separated by semicolons.
  • Doesn't require admin consent
  • Doesn't require any data storage


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This recipe contains a ready to use PowerApps app. The app contains a simple step by step based screen and includes everything you need to deploy and use out of the box as well as a detailed walkthrough on how the application is constructed.

As everything is made using PowerApps, you find that there is no vendor lock in (other than that of Microsofts)

A note on security

This recipe is using functionality made available by the framework for server side data processing based on PowerShell hosted on your own servers.  No data processing will be done outside your tenancy.  No internet connectivity is required for implementing this. Only services specific access is required.