OneClick connect to your Azure VM

Single click to start and connect to a stopped Virtual Machine in Azure
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As a Developer I need to have a simple way to start and connect to virtual machines is Azure in order to save time.

Here is the steps for making the command hexa run devops connect do that by connecting to Azure using your credentials, then scan through all machines you have access to and find the relevant by matching on name. Then if the VM is not started, start it, then create a RDP file on the desktop and store credentials for accessing that.

Do you need this?

If you have ever worked with Virtual Machines which have an auto shutdown job running every evening, the next time you need to access the VM, you will have to start it again and generate a new RDP file which you can use for repeating connecting to the machine.

Create a new PowerBrick

Run the following commands in the folder where you like the PowerBrick created

Create the file vm.ps1

Create the file vm.ps1 in src/jobs/powershell

Create the file connect.ps1

Navigate to the the Root of your PowerBrick and create the file connect.ps1

Ready to Execute!

Niels Gregers Johansen
Niels is a self-taught IT engineer who was introduced to Microsoft tools when DOS 1.1 was born in the 1980s. His focus is bridging the technical gap between as-is and to-be platforms, with as much time spent on coding as possible. Niels is the brains behind the web version of the Periodic Table of Office 365.

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