Hexatown Directory structure - The 3C's

Learn the how code, cache and configurations as organized in Hexatown
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January 19, 2021

The directory structure is organized around 2 containers

Code - "Power*Packs"

Code is organised in a folder containing

"root" folder

  • package.json
    A manifest adopted from the world of Node JS. Most import attribute is the name which is used for deciding where to find configurations in the local environment
  • run.ps1
    Entry point to the Power*Pack - designed so that it can be drop into an Azure Function.

src/jobs/powershell folder

The src/jobs/powershell folder

    Hexatown framework project helper class
  • .schema.json
    Data definitions and mappings
  • index.ps1

Configuration and cache data

Configuration and cache data are stored in the subfolder "" in the %appdata% folder. You can overwrite this by adding a value to the environment named HEXATOWNHOME

.hexatown folder

Stores the CLI version of Hexatown, as well as an index of local PowerBacks on the current environment

<power*pack name> folder

A folder is expect for each Power*Pack

Configuration root folder

.env file

data/tenant sub folder

Contains cached and other data stored locally

log/tenant sub folder

Contains transscript of all PowerBricks executed

Niels Gregers Johansen
Niels is a self-taught IT engineer who was introduced to Microsoft tools when DOS 1.1 was born in the 1980s. His focus is bridging the technical gap between as-is and to-be platforms, with as much time spent on coding as possible. Niels is the brains behind the web version of the Periodic Table of Office 365.

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